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dark_images's Journal

Dark Images
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Dark Images is a place for people to display personal photos, Art, And Digital Art pictures of a dark nature, Also i am now allowing writing, i want to make this more of a Dark Arts community and writing i do believe is an art aswell, i want this community to have more diversity than some of the other ones out there, i want the members here to feel that they can share anything with us :)
I don't have many rules
1.)No Porn, partial nudity is Okay, but nothing below the waist
2.)No put downs, constructive criticism is fine but nothing ignorant, i don't want people afraid to post
3.) No surveys or any of that other stupid crap, it will be taken down
4.)Don't post pics of other people and claim it's you, i have embarassing ways to make you regret it
I would like this to be a peacefull community where everyone feels comfertable shareing pictures of themselves or pictures that they took or made
Remember beauty is in the eye of the beholder :)

~^*Created/Maintained By fatal_femme*^~

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